Where is the best point to view life?

What is the best life according to that point?

Or according to the one who views from that point?

I’d be really greatful to know

What is the best according to The One who knows life best?

My mind, I can’t explain why it still questions

About the things I’m not sure about

I want to let go but still not having enough reasons to say goodbye

And it spins around my head

I can’t really let go

I just need better understanding about this

I will survive ’till again You come convincing me

That this will end

I believe this has an end

Even when it’s called my death

Now I can just promise You one thing

That I won’t lie to You, no matter what You do

Because You know everything

I don’t know why I am so addicted to human

I don’t know why I am so humane

I don’t know why I care so much about them

What they feel, the things they say, the look in their eyes

I just don’t like being so manly

I don’t know why I really really need them in too many conditions

It’s like I’m just playing around with them

So I make another relationship just to help me solve another

It is useless

It is crime, I can say

I hate being so humanly prepared to troubles

I don’t live to solve them, I believe

I’m living for something more than that

I just don’t know why I see way too different from their point of view

I hate to know it

I don’t like being so human

I cry, I laugh, I hate, I love in one time

I even follow their rule

Trying to recognize and HEAL my character

I am melancholy, according to them

It’s just, their opinion

And I got into too many dramas

Troubles with school, friendships, family, myself

Life, this ‘painful’ life for a perfectionist like me

I know there is so much more in that

I don’t live to solve problem

There’s something beside that

I’m gonna ask You more often

I’m gonna let You do what You want to do

I’m gonna let You let me see You

You let me in

Please explain me Your point of view

Your vision

What You see in me

What You see in You

Show me

I am dying to always feel You

Point of View


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