It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been thinking a lot, why do we do something we love? Or to be clear, why do we do something for someone we love? There are 4 basic things we can love in life. GOD, ourselves, others, and stuffs. For these four, all men, for centuries, do great things! I mean, you don’t do something you don’t want, right? Because everything happens for reasons. So, now the problem is, who do you live for actually? Well, it is very hard to not live for ourselves, we know we are all egocentrics people, but GOD, the Creator of the universe we lived in, wants more than that. Actually, being loved by GOD, is our only hope to continue living, right? So, why not live only for HIM? To not waste your life, live only to please GOD, that’s what Mr. Stephen Tong said. Well, it is our call. So, try to glorify HIM in all we do!

Stop and Read This!


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