There’s nothing you can do
Being a melancholy makes you write
It’s a must!
The character makes you write
It is too expressive
It is too demanding
You won’t hurt anybody
You won’t hurt yourself too

Expressing your feelings
That’s your strength

How difficult it is for you to breath
It is still easier for you to write
Make it easy on yourself
Believe that you are more than anybody could ever read of

You are someone with very special gift from GOD
You are someone with a very special GOD
You are with GOD
What are you afraid of?
Do what He wants
See while He’s working
It is well with your soul

Feel it
The life
The truth
The way He makes you feel

The feel
It is so merciful
The thoughts
So bountiful

No one can judge
Because only you and Him notice
Only between the two of you
Amazingly blessed with the feelings
Don’t be afraid anymore
He’s taking care of it



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