Enough with regrets, i’m so happy now. Syalala. πŸ™‚

You should know, this time i’m taking hard decision.

I move. I’m tryin to make some move. It’s like cha-cha-cha on my aerobic class 2 days ago. . Then it’s like du-bi-du-dam, i sing la la la, happy, happy, happy. Happy to be me. You don’t have to be perfect to be happy, i guess happiness is how you control everything to go in right lines. At least everything that’s brought you too far all these times. Everything you’ve always thought about, which was just too much greater than you’re thinking capacity. Then it ruined your life, your wonderful days with families, friends and all those you love! In the end, it was useless. 😦 You shouldn’t have brought yourself too far, but we can’t turn back times, so. . . THANK GOD and MOVE ON, qiz!

Hmm, i wish i could say this to everyone (so you’re lucky if you read this), i believe everyone has his/her own story and i know it’s never been easy for all of you guys, but you’ve made it ’till today! Applause to you all!! Congratulations to all of you, for still having a chance to live TODAY and to fight, fight, fight! (just like in Korean doramas, hihi xD AZA- AZA FIGHTING!) Don’t forget to thank God for everything you ‘still’ have. As for me, my life is so much precious, i have a great God, wonderful family, very kind and helpful best friends, lovely place to live, lovely campus where i study, lovely church where i grow up, EVERYTHING I ‘STILL’ HAVE!!!!!!

All rite! Finally, maybe you’re getting confused! I used this title ‘This is what i want’. And you’re like (thinking hard), what’s this mean?? Hohoho. You’ll figure it out now! Yep, this note is what i want. I tell myself to read this everytime i get sick, sad, hopeless, mad, angry, even happy!!!!! I’m trying to give support to myself in the future! I’m trying to move on with this hard decision and keep loving life, surrendering the next coming days in God’s hands. I’m trying to do this because i know, i should do what i want!

Then it’s your turn! Make your own note and promise yourself to read it everytime you need courage to survive! ^_^

I know everyone wants this! Because this is what we need πŸ™‚ And this is what He wants us to have. Maybe we shall call this a self-respect note. πŸ˜€

Have a blessing day!

This is what i want

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  1. hehe. oke sel. kau jgn lp buat, hehehe. sel sel, aku banyak yg mw dipublish, cuma masih bingung jg, banyak banget soalnya. males ngetiknya. masih coret2an di kertas,hehehe πŸ˜€

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